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Haywood Haven is a ministry of Dellwood Baptist Church serving our beloved community. We offer Christ-centered, a la carte educational class blocks on Monday through Thursday. All classes take place at Dellwood Baptist Church in Waynesville, NC. This is the private portal for existing families. To find out more about Haywood Haven or to apply, visit www.HaywoodHaven.org.

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Everything we do is based in the belief that community is a necessary part of spiritual, emotional, and educational growth. We prioritize connection time for our students throughtout the day and love the dynamic of children across age groups building friendships and mentorships. We also prioritize and support our parent community through homeschooling workshops, events, and promotion of each other's business with our directory.


Within the classroom and across our community school, building a connection with our students and families is prioritized over grades, assessments, and behavior. We know that each person is loved and cherished by God and has a purpose to fulfill.


Learning is a process that must be experienced fully through hands-on, experiencial opportunities. Harnassing a child's curiosity and excitement through varied experiences is a key to a robust learning environment.


Our ministry and approach to teaching is anchored in God's word. We know that the knowledge of God is more important than any fact or test score. 


God has given each of us a purpose. We want to provide opportunities for your child to investigate and engage with finding their purpose while providing them the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to fulfill it.


We are a community in action. Literally. At Haywood Haven, PE is considered a core class, because we know children need to move their bodies. We also take an active role in serving Haywood County through community service and volunteer work. Our parents are invited to participate in helping us!

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